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Publicado: 2015-09-07

This is a pretty good article by: Liam Saunders where he outlines the basic reasons why PPC campaigns are good and effective, you can find the original article at:

  1. Instant Results

    If you have ever had any search engine optimisation performed on your website before, you will be aware of the almost agonising wait while your very latest optimisation efforts are indexed by the search engines. PPC advertising is very different in that there is no such delay, once you have created a campaign and your adverts have been approved they will instantly start to appear in search results.

    The obvious benefit is that you can start to target customers instantly with a view to generating valuable business leads far sooner than is possible with organic SEO. It is therefore a natural search engine strategy for a new website, as soon as your website is live you can start attracting customers through paid search. In addition this, it can be used to boost your search engine presence for search terms where you have a weak organic ranking. Imagine being able to win a lead from a competitor that ranks at the top of the first page with a paid search listing!
  2. Highly Measurable

    Everything that you do within the paid search arena is very measurable. Contrary to popular belief, you can see exactly where your marketing spend is going. Every single click can be attributed to a specific advert and keyword, so you can see at a glance what is working and what is not – in fact this is the way to harness the power of PPC – launching, monitoring and adapting every aspect of your campaign will help you to attain a strong return on your investment. PPC platforms offer a number of measurement metrics, including but not limited to: clicks (the number of people who have clicked onto your advert), impressions (the number of times your advert has appeared within search results) and the click through rate (CTR) (the number of users to click on a specific link from the total number of users that view your advert). From these metrics, among many others, it is easy to measure the success of your campaigns.
  3. Precisely Targeted

    Many business owners fear waste and inefficiency in their business, quite rightly so. Waste and inefficiency are not synonymous with PPC advertising, as long as you have a good idea of whom you would like to target, the PPC platforms provide a way to ensure that you only target relevant prospects. There are many ways to do this – including radius targeting (where you adverts only appear to people searching within a mile radius of your business), device targeting (you can choose whether your ads appear on computers, tablets or mobile devices) and ad scheduling (your ads can be set to run within the days and timeframes of your choice). Ultimately you are able to target your very best prospects to ensure that every penny you spend on PPC advertising is geared towards your marketing objectives.
  4. Complete Content Control

    Business owners love control – especially over their business and how it appears on the web. Every aspect of your PPC campaign can be customised to suit your exacting requirements, from the advert title to the display URL. You can choose how you want your business to appear in paid search results, unlike with organic SEO you have the ability to build a presence that you are proud of without the fear of search engine imposed adjustments (within the platform guidelines). I always recommend creating different adverts for each product/service that your business offers, this allows you to tailor the content and create a marketing message that is more relevant to what a prospective customer is searching for. 
  5. Opportunities To Standout

    In an ever more competitive business environment any opportunities to differentiate yourselves from your competitors should be considered. PPC advertising offers many such opportunities, including from advert extensions – these are additional features that you can add to your advert to provide further relevant information to prospects. There are many advert extensions available – call extension (add your phone number to your adverts so searchers on devices with call functionality can call you right from the search results), sitelink extension (present additional links to searchers from across your website to encourage more traffic to any pages you choose) and callout extension (highlight your businesses USP in a compelling way). 
  6. Plenty of Platforms

    There are a plethora of platforms at your disposal within the PPC advertising arena. From Google AdWords to Bing Ads and Facebook Advertising. Generally, I recommend starting with Google AdWords due to its broad appeal and unrivalled reach. Whether you decide to use Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads depends upon your marketing objectives and who you are looking to target. Crucially, you can choose the platforms that suit your business and are mostly likely to appeal to your target demographic.
  7. Protect Your Business

    The online World is fiercely competitive; did you know that your competitors could be bidding on your business name and appearing in paid search results for your business? It is quite a revelation for some business owners – luckily there is something you can do. In fact I’m a proponent of this PPC strategy – make sure that you bid on your brand keywords. This strategy will help to deter any competitors from bidding on your business name by increasing the bids they need to make to compete with you. Conversely, and I know this is a slightly controversial point, if you so desire you can bid on your competitors business name and try to detract business away from them (this is generally a legal practice as long as you do not use your competitors business name within any of the advert text and as long as they have not protected their business name with a trademark). You may think that this practice is rarely used, but it is fact commonplace – even the big brands are doing it. It is a strategy to approach with caution, as the legal wrangle between Interflora and M&S demonstrates. I would recommend that you seek guidance from a PPC professional before you embark on this strategy – whether it is suitable or indeed possible depends on your individual situation. 
  8. Clear Control Over Costs

    Businesses are understandably apprehensive about their ability to control their costs; this is of course also the case for PPC advertising. Fortunately, every single PPC platform offers a number of ways that you control your costs. Including daily and monthly budgets (where you can set a fixed amount that you are willing to spend for a defined time period). Regardless of the platforms that you choose, you can rest assured that your costs are under control.

Publicado: 2014-02-18

La importancia de los reviews en el proceso de toma de decisiones de viajeros.

Recientemente Tripadvisor, la comunidad más grande de viajeros en internet, presentó una infografía con datos muy interesante de cómo influyen los comentarios de viajeros a la hora de decidir reservar una habitación de hotel, visitar una restaurante, o hacer la compra de las entradas a las atracciones que ofrece un destino.

Si bien muchos de nosotros ya conocemos el embudo de conversión y el papel que juegan las redes sociales en el proceso de compra en internet, esta infografía viene a reforzar la importancia de una estrategia bien estructurada en redes sociales para tener una mejor reputación en linea de nuestro hotel, restaurante, atracción etc. 

Aquí les dejo alguno de los datos que me han llamado más la atención y estoy seguro de que si tu negocio o función laboral gira en torno al turismo también te interesarán.

  • 77% de los viajeros generalmente o siempre toma como referencia a las críticas de TripAdvisor antes de elegir un hotel.
  • 50% de los viajeros generalmente o siempre toma como referencia a las críticas de TripAdvisor antes de elegir un restaurante.
  • 44% de los viajeros generalmente o siempre toma como referencia a las críticas de TripAdvisor antes de seleccionar una atracción.
El estudio también revela que mas de la mitad de las personas que respondieron (53 %) ni siquiera harían una reservación de hotel sin antes haber leído los comentarios en tripadvisor.

Todos estos resultados demuestran que hoy en día y más que nunca, las marcas que ofrecen servicios de viaje deben administrar un presencia en redes sociales y otros sitios de crítica orientada también a la reputación en línea 

Aquí les dejo la infografía completa y espero les sea útil.

Infografía Tripadvisor

Publicado: 2014-02-03

Is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers (Wikipedia)

It is simple, if you already have a group of people sharing a common interest, lets say you business, brand, hotel, destination, sport, etc and they have been kind enough to become your Facebook followers.
Now as your Facebook Followers what comes next? I have found that many business owners are happy just by feeding their ego just to know they are gaining more Facebook likes, But then I ask:

  • Are they getting anything valuable from you?
  • Are they providing something valuable for your business?
  • Are they returning to your business?
And in many cases the answer is NO. So now is time to get them to work for you!

There are various ways and examples to achieve that and this is a great example of how IKEA without spending a single dollar was able to get their entire Print catalogue Online.

IKEA Social catalogue from SMFB on Vimeo.

Publicado: 2014-01-30

When landing on a website keep in mind that sometimes it has already been hard to find what you are looking for, and finally when you land on a website (after closing several other tabs in your browser), you end up on what seems to be the "Light at the end of the Tunnel" just to come now to a second problem, The poor distribution of information, bad navigation and the lack of common sense things that a website should have, and for those who depend on our websites as a business it is crucial to have some visible and some not visible elements in our sites, reason why I name my Top Five.

1.- Easy to find Main Navigation
2.- Contact information (Tel & Email) on EVERY page
3.- Visitors Analytics
4.- Correct use of Call for Actions
5.- Correct use of Font size, color contrast

Remember it was probably hard for a user to land on your website, just to make it harder to stay on it! Make users life easier and conversion rate should go up.